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Stressed? Sad? Felling a little anxious? We feel you. It's normal for people to have bad days where you can't help but feel down. But there's always a solution to that. Laughter! Laughter is the best medicine, like they all say. There are even laughter yoga and laughter therapies - laughter is that one medicine you can always have for free, and here’s one dose of laughter for you.


Come to Funnyplace and have some fun! This is a user-generated site where anyone can post interesting posts and videos to entertain others. Whether it’s an idea you created, or a picture or video you received from someone else, share them with the community!


If you are happy and people around you are not happy, they will not allow you to stay happy. Therefore much of our happiness depends upon our ability to spread happiness around us. 

- Dr Madan Kataria


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This is what Funnyplace wants you to have - laughter. Not just to be healthy, but to beat the sadness, the boredom, the stress, and even the anxiety. You can also stock up on jokes to make people laugh and comfortable! But most of all, these benefits are more wonderful if you’re laughing with the people you love. 


Total absence of humour renders life impossible. 

- Colette


While there are no shortage of films, TV shows, and movies you can laugh at, why not come to Funnyplace? We have funny pictures, jokes, memes, and quotes that can entertain you when you’re bored, or lift your spirits up when you’re feeling sad or down.


With more than 30 topics on Funnyplace, we’re sure there’s something for everyone. Be it animals, sports, gaming or Kpop, find your interest and start having fun! If you don’t want to lose that interesting post you like, favourite it by clicking the star at the bottom of the post and keep it save in your Favourite folder! 


Make sure to read our rules before you start posting your own funny posts! This is to keep Funnyplace a safe and fun site for everyone! Don’t risk yourself getting banned by us, alright? Feel free to contact us if you have any query, or if you’re looking for advertising on Funnyplace. We welcome you! Leave us a comment if you think that we’re doing a great job, or if there’s something you would like us to improve on. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!  


Did you know that laughter and humour can make you fit? So what are you waiting for? Laugh the fat away! Some studies found out that laughing for a good 10 minutes will make you lose 10 calories. So sit back, relax, watch or look at something funny - you don't have to go to the gym!


Possibility is endless on Funnyplace, but most importantly, don’t forget the most important thing, have some laughter today!