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We currently host 1006 funny videos tagged with technology. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like Geico, State Farm Insurance, FedEx, Volkswagen, DirecTV, AT&T, Harley Davidson, Toyota, Cox Communications, Samsung, Mercedes Benz, Comcast, Audi, T-Mobile, First Bank, Verizon, Walmart Stores, Subaru, BMW, LG Electronics, Nissan, Canal+, Ford, Foot Locker, Sony, KIA Motors, Hyundai, Vodafone, BMW Mini, Go Daddy, Peugeot, Sky Television, Volvo, Best Buy, Orange, Honda Motors, PlayStation, Chevrolet, Land Rover, Intel, Bridgestone, Volkswagen Passat, Citroen, Apple,, Volkswagen Polo, Mitsubishi Motors, Electronic Arts, Dodge and Porsche.

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Bridgestone Foot Locker Visa Card Tide Telstra HBO AirTran Airways Tooheys Pedigree Go Daddy Volkswagen Polo Jeep Corona Suzuki Samsung Mobile BMW Sears Norsk Tipping AS Kayak M&M's Stella Artois Energizer Seat Kraft Ally Bank NFL ANZ Bank T-Mobile Land Rover Hyundai Honda Motors General Electric Peugeot Lipton Tea KitKat Apple Sony Pepsi Buffalo Wild Wings Miller Lite Target Stores Toshiba Southwest Airlines Captain Morgan Starburst Budweiser Dr Pepper McDonald's DirecTV