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We currently host 326 funny videos tagged with smartphones. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like Geico, Volkswagen, DirecTV, AT&T, Cox Communications, Samsung, Mercedes Benz, Comcast, T-Mobile, First Bank, ESPN, Verizon, LG Electronics, Sprint The Now Network, Canal+, Sony, Vodafone, Sky Television, Orange, Virgin Mobile, Tele2, Intel, Apple, Telenor Mobile, HBO, Samsung Mobile, Canal Digital, Virgin, Motorola, Aldi, Tesco, SportsBet, Nokia, O2, Three Mobile, HBO GO, Charter Comm, Dell, Vonage, MTS, Canon, Foxtel Digital, MTN Group, Swisscom, Meteor Mobile, Game Of War, DNA Mobile Network, TMobile, Bose Headphones and Net10.

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Adobe Peugeot Apple Capital One HSBC Bank Walmart Stores ETrade Fox Sport Net Toshiba Corona BMW Citigroup Old Spice AirTran Airways Carling HBO Mitsubishi Motors Volkswagen Hahn Beer Carlton Progressive Insurance Rexona Durex Priceline Hyundai BMW Mini Mercedes Benz PlayStation Mars Telstra KFC Mountain Dew General Electric Starburst Fiat Specsavers Opticians M&M's AMI Insurance Tooheys Verizon First Bank DirecTV Yellow Pages Chevrolet Master Card Samsung Go Daddy Land Rover Nescaffe Bridgestone