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We currently host 109 funny videos tagged with Mobile Phones. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like AT&T, Samsung, T-Mobile, LG Electronics, Sprint The Now Network, Sony, Orange, Tele2, Intel, Apple, Telenor Mobile, Samsung Mobile, Motorola, Nokia, Three Mobile, MTS, MTN Group, TMobile, Windows Phone 7, DTac, Casio, Blackberry, Vlingo, Google, KPN Mobile and Huawei.

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Seat BMW Jeep Smart Mitsubishi Motors Philips KIA Motors Toshiba Sony ESPN Jim Beam Go Daddy KitKat Citigroup Yellow Pages AXE AMI Insurance Vodafone McDonald's Citroen Orange Apple Centraal Beheer Insurance Subaru LG Electronics Comcast Amazon Barclays Canal+ Burger King Microsoft Walmart Stores Master Card Motorola Volkswagen Target Stores Got Milk ? Dr Pepper Canal Digital Sky Television Nestle Keystone Light Coors Light Kraft Honda Motors Starburst Dodge Virgin