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We currently host 203 funny videos tagged with IT Technology. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like AT&T, Cox Communications, Samsung, Comcast, Sony, Go Daddy, Orange, ATT U-Verse, Intel, Apple, Time Warner Cable, Toshiba, Microsoft, General Electric, HP, Xerox, Lenovo Notebooks, IBM, Dell, MTS, Identity Guard, Cisco Systems, Norton From Symantec, McAfee Solutions, Amazon Kindle, Sanyo, Windows Phone 7, Qualcomm, Adobe, HTC, Wink, Bitdefender, Bing, Linksys, Webroot Security, Bell, Carbonite, Wix, Kaspersky Security, Asus Eee Slate, Squarespace, Dragon, Acer, BrightStor, Twitter, Ask, T-Com, Compumundo, Powermat and Google.

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Mitsubishi Motors Virgin BMW Mini Carl's Jr Philips Olympus State Farm Insurance Kellogg's Land Rover BMW Motorola Orange HBO Vodafone Buffalo Wild Wings Starburst Citigroup Capital One PepsiMax Yellow Pages FedEx Electronic Arts DirecTV TAG Body Spray Harley Davidson Aviva Foxtel Digital Southwest Airlines M&M's Mountain Dew Specsavers Opticians Mercedes Benz NFL Volkswagen Polo HP Orbit White Comcast Lenovo Notebooks Samsung Canal Digital AMI Insurance Visit Las Vegas Fiat 500 Coors Light Tele2 Antena1 Volvo Walmart Stores Seat