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We currently host 117 funny videos tagged with Internet Service Provider. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like Comcast, Verizon,, Career Builder, Go Daddy, eBay, Yellow Pages, Tele2, ETrade, Telenor Mobile,, Time Warner Cable, DreamJob, Zoosk, Belgacom, HotWire, Identity Guard, HowStuffWorks, Pacific Bell, Match, Arnet, Cablevision,, Comparis, Qwest Internet, Pipex, Bing, LavaLife, UOL Sinetics, Wix, Fibertel, AOL, BigPond Broadband,,, Alestra AT&T, Imagine, Milenio,, Spreets, HetNet, Telenordia, QX, YeYeYe, Oni, Livedoor, Chello Internet, Verisign, Aucland and Meetup.

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Tooheys Virgin Carlton AXE Centraal Beheer Insurance Mercedes Benz ANZ Bank Coca Cola Telstra Doritos Coors Light eBay Porsche Carl's Jr Citigroup Master Card Captain Morgan Nando's Buffalo Wild Wings BMW Keystone Light Verizon Volvo Starburst Rexona Ally Bank Visit Las Vegas Fox Sport Net Samsung Mobile Dr Pepper Nike Lipton Tea Miller Lite Stella Artois Taco Bell Guinness Electronic Arts Tele2 Stihl Walmart Stores Best Buy Barclays Unknown Lexus Olympus Tide Motorola Kellogg's Discover Card KIA Motors