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We currently host 316 funny videos tagged with Health and Cosmetics. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like AXE, Planet Fitness, Old Spice, Lynx, Specsavers Opticians, TAG Body Spray, Mentos, Orbit White, Playboy, Unknown, Philips, Durex, Pepto-Bismol, Sears Optical, Unilever, Head & Shoulders, Fiber One, Veet, N/a, Pampers, Trojan, Rexona, Huggies, Tide, Wrigley's, Berocca, Hansaplast, Gillette, Vigorsol, Sedal, Kleenex, Libresse, Wilkinson Sword, SilverJet Airline, Weight Watchers, Bayer AG, Humo Magazine, Listerine, Tampax, K-Y Jelly, Libero, Essilor Optifog, YMCA Fitness, Right Guard, Libra, U By Kotex, Dollar Shave Club, Dove, Halls and BeautyRest.

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Energizer Nando's Unilever Specsavers Opticians DirecTV Whiskas Buffalo Wild Wings Nissan Progressive Insurance Carling Burger King Kellogg's First Bank Captain Morgan Doritos Lipton Tea AT&T Interflora Virgin Sky Television Philips Lynx Guinness Stihl Cadbury M&M's Southwest Airlines HSBC Bank Master Card Dr Pepper Honda Motors Norsk Tipping AS Unknown Keystone Light Toyota Centraal Beheer Insurance Harley Davidson Head & Shoulders Stella Artois Kraft Nestle NetFlix Citigroup Wonderbra Corona Career Builder Geico Conforama PepsiMax