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We currently host 1182 funny videos tagged with Food and Snacks. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like Snickers, McDonald's, M&M's, First Bank, Got Milk ?, Burger King, Carl's Jr, Twix, Buffalo Wild Wings, Doritos, Starburst, Subway, KitKat, Kraft, Mentos, Kellogg's, Orbit White, Nestle, Nando's, Cadbury, Smirnoff, KFC, Heinz, Taco Bell, Unknown, Hardee's, Chicken Licken, Ice Breakers, LifeSavers, Tesco, Minute Maid, Aldi, Maltesers, Cheetos, Dare Iced Coffee, Belvita, Jack Link's, Mammoth Yoghurt, Unilever, Fiber One, Wienerschnitzel, Tostitos, Mars, Emerald Nuts, Wendy's, Twistos, Weetabix, Trident, John West and Wrigley's.

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Suzuki Lexus Microsoft Coca Cola Science World Volkswagen Polo Snickers Guinness Lenovo Notebooks Subaru Lotto Nissan Ford Kayak T-Mobile Ameriquest LG Electronics Mercedes Benz Ally Bank Boost Mobile Starburst Hyundai DirecTV Smart AMI Insurance Master Card Bud Light IKEA Whiskas Interflora Sony Allstate Insurance Unilever Mentos Canal Digital Canal+ eBay Volkswagen Golf HSBC Bank Volkswagen ETrade Norsk Tipping AS BMW Tele2 Cadbury Hardee's Discover Card Budweiser Volvo