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We currently host 33 funny videos tagged with cable. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like DirecTV, Comcast, Canal+, Sky Television, Time Warner Cable, Canal Digital, Charter Comm, Sky Broadband, Foxtel Digital, Optimum, Cablevision, Prime and TalkTalk.

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Electronic Arts Amazon Dr Pepper Mentos Nissan Specsavers Opticians Fiat Mercedes Benz Motorola Starburst eBay Chevrolet Visa Card Heinz M&M's Nando's State Farm Insurance Nationwide Insurance Canal Digital Microsoft Old Spice Got Milk ? Volkswagen Jetta Dodge Go Daddy Samsung Mobile Smirnoff Citroen Wonderbra Guinness Seat Sprint The Now Network Pedigree ANZ Bank PlayStation Corona General Electric Carlsberg Unilever Subway Ally Bank Toyota Barclays Discover Card Norsk Tipping AS Science World Master Card Nescaffe Comcast