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We currently host 39 funny videos tagged with cable TV. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like DirecTV, Comcast, ESPN, Canal+, Time Warner Cable, Canal Digital, Dish Network, DStv, NetFlix, Charter Comm, Foxtel Digital, A&W and ShowTime.

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Panasonic Volkswagen Golf Hyundai Boost Mobile Vodafone AirTran Airways Orange Seat T-Mobile Taco Bell AXE Starburst Southwest Airlines Jeep eBay Master Card Coors Light Miller Lite TAG Body Spray Buffalo Wild Wings Telstra M&M's Got Milk ? Kraft Nike Fox Sport Net Kayak Science World General Electric First Bank Nestle Dodge Whiskas Kellogg's Amazon Audi Canal Digital IKEA Ally Bank Bridgestone Telenor Mobile LG Electronics Burger King Target Stores Hardee's Rexona Mentos AMI Insurance KitKat