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We currently host 213 funny videos tagged with Business equipment and Services. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like FedEx, DirecTV, IKEA, Target Stores, McDonald's, Specsavers Opticians, ESPN, Walmart Stores, LG Electronics, Got Milk ?, Burger King,, Canal+, Career Builder, Foot Locker, Subway, eBay, Yellow Pages, Intel, Nando's, AirTran Airways, Conforama, Microsoft, General Electric, FedEx Office, Argos, KMart, Tesco, Sears, SportsBet, Interflora, CarMax, Denny's, Xerox, TMF Travel, DHL, Berlitz, Hornbach, Statoil, Staples Inc., IBM, Mömax, Sky Broadband, Media Markt, Glade, HotWire, DnB NOR, Migros, Identity Guard and Blockbuster.

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Whiskas Jeep Unknown Budweiser First Bank Lynx Land Rover Wonderbra Coca Cola Aviva General Electric McDonald's KitKat Verizon Buffalo Wild Wings HSBC Bank Sprint The Now Network Guinness Foot Locker Got Milk ? Microsoft Lenovo Notebooks Philips Sears Durex Hahn Beer Science World Jack Link's Volkswagen Jetta Toyota Yellow Pages Apple Orange Lotto Keystone Light Samsung Mobile Seat Orbit White Old Spice Suzuki T-Mobile Virgin Mobile Carl's Jr Visa Card Heinz Foxtel Digital NetFlix DirecTV Antena1 Subaru