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We currently host 73 funny videos tagged with banking. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like Geico, State Farm Insurance, Capital One, First Bank, Master Card, Ally Bank, HSBC Bank, ANZ Bank, Visa Card, ETrade, Barclays, Progressive Insurance, Fifth Third Bank, MoneySuperMarket, American Express, Westpac, TD Bank, Affinity Plus, UBS Financial, RBS, Skandia, Societe Generale, Fokus Bank and Ikano Bank.

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Citigroup Pepsi Bavaria Beer Coca Cola Samsung Coors Light Nescaffe Foot Locker Tide LG Electronics Virgin Guinness Lenovo Notebooks Progressive Insurance Barclays PlayStation Tooheys Aviva Captain Morgan AT&T Toyota Mars HBO Fox Sport Net Old Spice Starburst Snickers Hardee's Lotto Bridgestone Sony Land Rover KIA Motors Hyundai NFL Burger King Priceline Nissan Career Builder Dodge Nationwide Insurance Volkswagen Polo Fiat Microsoft Yellow Pages M&M's Sky Television First Bank Wonderbra McDonald's