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We currently host 32 funny videos tagged with airlines. These commercials were produced by various marketing agencies around the world for companies like Southwest Airlines, Kayak, AirTran Airways, Air New Zealand, JetBlue Airlines, Turkish Airlines, SAS Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Aegean Airlines,, Emirates, TAM Airlines, Dubai International, Lufthansa, Air Canada and Ryanair.

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Vodafone Nationwide Insurance Volvo Lynx Tooheys Other AirTran Airways AT&T BMW Mini Nissan Volkswagen Polo Nando's Snickers Miller Lite Rexona FedEx Budweiser Fiat DirecTV Heinz Orange Interflora Old Spice Amazon Buffalo Wild Wings Philips Visa Card Keystone Light KFC Smirnoff NFL Discover Card Mitsubishi Motors Tide Ameriquest PlayStation Fiat 500 Volkswagen Jetta Heineken Toyota Carlsberg Guinness Nestle HSBC Bank Bonds Underwear ANZ Bank Mars Boost Mobile Pedigree Science World