PepsiMax Commercials

Pepsi Max debuted in United Kingdom and Italy in April 1993. The rollout was expanded to Ireland the following September, and to France, the Netherlands and Australia the following December. By the end of 1994, Pepsi Max was sold in approximately twenty countries. By the end of 1995, that figure had more than doubled.

A Pepsi Max Lime version was released in the United States in February 2010 under the name "Pepsi Max Cease Fire". It was cross-promoted with a new flavor series of Doritos chips called "Degree Burn". In July 2010, Pepsi began to move its North American branding for Pepsi Max to match its global branding. It now carries a Max typography similar to what is used worldwide, and rolled out a new slogan: "Zero Calories. Maximum Pepsi Taste." Its formula has not been changed. In May 2011, Pepsi introduced the drink to Spain.
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